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The Most Educational Nursery School in Inglewood, CA

The Montessori method can be applied even at the youngest of ages, and nowhere is that truer than at The University of Children Montessori School. In addition to our preschool and elementary school programs, we offer a variety of early childcare education solutions for toddlers and small children. This includes our nursery school in Inglewood, CA, that accepts children from ages 6 weeks to 10 years.

Said school is Montessori accredited by California’s Department of Social Services and staffed by professionals with more than 50 years of childcare experience. You’re welcome to tour the facility and we invite you to ask any questions about our daycare program. Hours are from early in the morning until 6 in the evening, so both tours and childcare should fit right into your work schedule. You’ll never have to worry about your child being home alone, and their education can begin earlier, giving them a head start for later on.

Infant Care Introduces Learning

Our nursery is far more than a babysitting service. We see it as the first step in every child’s educational career and include the same Montessori techniques that we use in our other programs. Parents are often amazed at how much even babies can learn.

Kids who enjoy our day nursery can stay on to attend our programs for older ages. You can tell from our testimonials how much both they and their parents enjoy our school.

The Priceless Value of Educational Child Care Services

Nothing is more important than keeping your child safe and giving them a quality education, and The University of Children helps you do both at the same time. Even the best parents can’t be around their kids every minute, and leaving them in reliable hands offers the ultimate peace of mind.

At our school, we don’t park kids in front of the TV. We have ways of helping even the smallest of infants learn about the world around them. With a number of activities, careful supervision, and a warm environment, both your child and you are sure to love our school.

Contact us for tours, tuition info, and more. We welcome children and families from Inglewood, Los Angeles, and Culver City, California, and the surrounding neighborhoods.