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The Elementary School in Inglewood, CA, Where Students Learn More

The early academic years are some of the most crucial of your child’s life and every parent wants to make the most of them. The University of Children Montessori School provides the ideal elementary school in Inglewood, CA, to jumpstart your child’s education and learning abilities when they need it most. The hands-on environment and small class sizes empower them to hone skills they’ll use for the rest of their lives.

Our school holds a Montessori accreditation by the State of California Department of Social Services, along with more than 50 years of child care experience. Ergo, the staff here is highly regarded. Our testimonials show the difference we make for students and parents alike. Working parents especially appreciate that our educational programs are open from early in the morning until 6 in the evening, so their children are safe when they can’t be home.

The Benefits of Montessori Private Schools

The best part about our Montessori curriculum is that students learn by doing rather than passively waiting to be taught. Every student is involved in their own education and gets to develop creativity, problem-solving, and self-confidence at a pace that’s comfortable for them. This method of teaching allows more freedom and gives children the ability to figure things out for themselves.

We place students based on ability rather than age, giving them the opportunity to interact with other age groups and learn leadership skills. Teachers are always supervising and helping where needed, but students largely choose their own paths. They’re never confined to desks and chairs waiting for someone else to help them learn. The basic components of our program are:

  • Practical Life
  • Sensorial
  • Mathematics
  • Language

The Fun Continues After School

Learning never stops at The University of Children Montessori School. When classes are over, kids can join our extracurricular activities. These consist of computer, dance, and gymnastics, all of which offer socialization opportunities and teach essential skills. Most importantly, children can have fun while learning and pursuing their interests. There’s something for every age group.

Our school welcomes children ages 6 weeks to 10 years. Should yours be too young for elementary school, we also offer infant child care services and preschool programs to get their education started. Even the smallest baby can learn a lot from our professional teachers and caretakers.

Contact us for a personalized tour of the school. Our facilities serve the students of Inglewood, California, and the neighboring communities.