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Holistic Daycare in Inglewood

Put your child on the right track for a lifetime of success. At The University Of Children Montessori School, we offer a distinctive style of daycare in Inglewood that prepares children for the challenges of early education. In a warm, welcoming environment, your young learner can explore the foundations of intellectual development and connect with other children — all while leaving you free to live your life without worry. 

We accept infants as young as six weeks, and our caring professionals understand the importance of quality care. After 50 years of serving our community, our school is a trusted source of education, fun, and engagement that’s unlike any other institution in the area. When you need dependable childcare, we’re here to provide it.

Building from the Beginning

No age is too young to take advantage of opportunities for growth. Built on the world-famous Montessori method, we provide a rich and enjoyable experience for our students. By teaching simple principles in ways that make sense to children and letting them explore what they find fascinating, we give them the head start they need in their later years. 

Whether they move on to our elementary school or attend elsewhere, our daycare program can help kids see education as something worth looking forward to. Get in touch today to enroll your child or to learn more.