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Child-Centered, Creative Learning in Inglewood, CA

You want your child to do well in school both academically and socially. However, what can you do to give them their best shot at success? We believe the answer is a well-rounded and self-directed early education. At The University of Children Montessori School, our staff promotes child-centered, creative learning in Inglewood, CA. 

By “creative,” we don’t mean “artistic” (although there are plenty of arts and crafts at our school). What we mean is that we encourage our learners to craft their own education as much as possible. As a Montessori school, we adhere to the principle that the most meaningful education comes from a hands-on, learning-by-doing approach. Rather than instructing children to memorize and recite what teachers tell them, we encourage them to grow into confident, critical thinkers.

Encouraging Self-Directed Learning 

From the ground up, our program is based on the Montessori method. Our classrooms are designed to give children opportunities to safely discover the world around them and develop their capabilities as individuals. Although we supervise them carefully and re-direct them as needed, we otherwise encourage them to make their own decisions about what to focus on and who to learn alongside. Likewise, we take a learning-by-doing approach with each lesson, from early mathematics to extracurricular activities.

This approach allows children to progress at their natural pace and learn to love learning. Since they are encouraged to follow their interests, our learners develop confidence in academics and a passion for discovery. Perhaps most importantly, they develop the intrinsic drive and self-discipline necessary for success in life far beyond school. 

Why We Use Multi-Age Groups

Children should be exposed to other kids their own age as well as those younger and older than them. Why? It promotes better learning and social growth, including crucial leadership skills. 

Our early childhood education program accepts students as young as six weeks and as old as fifth grade. Whenever possible, we encourage each child to interact with those within a few years of their age.

For the older children, it’s a great chance to develop the confidence and compassion necessary to be a good leader. Meanwhile, the younger children get the chance to observe a model closer to their age than an adult, which can spark more interest and boost self-esteem. Likewise, everyone learns how to get along easily with their peers as well as those above and below them. 

Contact us to get more details on our education methods or request a tour of our school. We’re located in Inglewood, California, and accept children as young as six weeks and as old as 5th grade.