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A School with Extracurricular Activities in Inglewood, CA

Give your child a personalized education at The University Of Children Montessori School in Inglewood, California. Our school utilizes personalized and didactic teaching materials in accordance with the principles of Dr. Maria Montessori. Our professional, highly trained staff and directors are Montessori credentialed teachers. They are skilled with the Montessori curriculum and in working with children and our daycare program. Lots of them have been on staff for many years.


Our Montessori curriculum is carefully structured to demonstrate connections between different subject areas. Our education begins with the basic concepts of:

Practical Life | Sensorial |Mathematics | Language

Children Enjoy Our Daycare Program in Inglewood, CA

Extracurricular Activities

In addition to the standard curriculum, all students are offered the opportunity to participate in an optional computer or dance and gymnastics program. These extracurricular activities are available for a nominal fee.


After students finish a Montessori school, they often adapt seamlessly to other learning environments. It has been shown that these students are often enthusiastic and accelerated learners with independent study habits.


Our educational program accepts children from 6 weeks to 10 years old for our daycare program. If you have questions about our program or rates, call or email us. You are also welcome to tour the school during business hours and experience the environment firsthand.

Childcare of the Best Quality

Your kids may be too young for elementary or preschool, but they’re never too young to start their education. The University of Children Montessori School provides not only an elementary school but also a daycare for kids as young as 6 weeks old to learn and grow in a safe place. Running the program are professionals with 50+ years of childcare experience who are well-versed in our Montessori methods and apply it in every program and classroom.

Our daycare and educational program are open early in the morning and in the evening until 6. Working parents can rest assured that their children are safe and are actively learning rather than being babysat by a television.

The Advantages of Our Extracurricular Activities

Elementary schoolers have opportunities not only to continue learning after school is out but also to learn what they want to. We get them exercising and unleashing energy with gymnastics and dance, or furthering their practical skills with computer literacy. They’ll have lots of social opportunities to make new friends with the same interests while also gaining extra education they’ll need later in life. Like our daycare program, our extracurricular offerings also operate through Montessori.

Contact us for fees, tours, and other information. Our school welcomes students and families from Inglewood, California, and the nearby neighborhoods of Los Angeles and Culver City.